Motorcycle Lessons

About the Lessons

Motorcycle lessons are conducted in our robust and fully serviced 2023 Honda Rebel 300. Lessons are given Sunday through Friday from early morning to darkness. Motorcycle lessons start and end at a set off site location. Instructors will practice basic driving skills and any specific maneuvers the student wants to learn and master. Make sure to communicate with your driving instructor so that they know what you are seeking.

**All Motorcycle students must meet the following requirements**

-Hold a valid motorcycle permit

-Be able to ride a bicycle 

-Wear shoes (preferably ones that go over the ankle) with no heals 

-Jacket or long sleeve shirt

-Full length pants (preferably sturdy material such as denim)

-Recommend full finger gloves

-DOT approved helmet/eye protection

-Lesson forfeited if student does not have proper gear

Bookings and Pricing

To book your motorcycle lesson,please call the office to book with one of our experienced instructors. Single lesson price is $140 (90 minutes). Don't miss out on our gift vouchers and packages options:

Single Lesson

  • Start and End at Fixed Location
  • 90 Min Lesson

4 Lesson Package

  • Start and End at Fixed Location
  • 4 x 90 Min Lessons
  • Save $35
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